Our producers this week

Who’s at the markets this Saturday, 8th October:

Champion Mountain Organics. Fresh Vegetables and juices.

Kemps Creek Flowers. Fresh farm grown flowers.

Kurrawong Organics. Fresh specialty vegetables.

Lilly’s Olives. Stuffed olives, homemade pesto, ajvar and honey.

Lincoln Red Beef. Beef, Lamb & Duck Eggs.

Mr Bacon and Eggs. Delicious breakfast rolls.

Neu’s German Bread. Bread, pastries and pretzels

Paws 4 Paws. Treats for puppydogs and pussycats

Salvador Coffee. Locally roasted in Darlinghurst


Thanks to Bring the Falafel, we hope to see you again soon!

Mr Bacon and Eggs is back this week.

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away 30 Oct)