About Sydney Sustainable Markets

Who we are

Sydney Sustainable Markets Inc. is a not-for-profit incorporated association. ABN 66 098 403 571

Our vision

  • To operate a genuine Farmers Market which adheres to the Australian Farmers Market Association Charter.
  • To celebrate the values of Slow Food. Good, clean and fair: good quality food, clean and sustainably grown and at a fair price.
  • To provide local residents and visitors with access to quality, farm fresh produce at moderate prices.
  • To promote sustainable agriculture practices, helping to eliminate the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers and reducing the distance your food travels to you, helping to reduce carbon emissions.
  • To facilitate an educational platform for sustainable living practices within an urban context.
  • To deepen community spirit with the 2010 suburbs and provide a lively meeting space for residents to gather.
  • To support the the revitalisation of the Oxford Street Cultural Quarter and increase enjoyment and usage of the public spaces.
  • To increase the profile of Taylor Square and the Oxford Street Cultural Quarter within greater Sydney.


The values we’re reaching for can be distilled into a few simple ideas:


The rediscovery of Slow Food: We’re on a journey to rediscover Slow Food, inspired by the Slow Food movement’s philosophy of good, clean & fair.

  • Good – fresh, flavoursome and seasonal, satisfying the senses and part of the local culture.
  • Clean – produced in harmony with the environment and in ways that respect the earth, its animals, plants and people’s health.
  • Fair – by which both farmers and consumers benefit fairly from production and purchase.


The promotion & adoption of sustainable practices. We’re passionate about promoting and supporting sustainable agricultural practices and also inspiring individuals in urban environments to adopt personal sustainable practices.


The joy of eating seasonally. We embrace the cycles of the seasons and the joy of savouring the produce that each new season brings.


The connection between Food Producers and Food Consumers. We hope to be part of strengthening the relationships between consumers and the farmers, growers, producers and makers of food products. We’re interested in exploring the idea that consumers are actually ‘co-producers’ and have a responsibility to understand where food comes from, who grows and makes it and to make choices that support these producers.


The regeneration of Community Spirit. We love our local community and seek to be part of the deepening community spirit through providing a weekly meeting place, a place for information exchange and an education platform for sustainable practices.


The return to Eden. We believe in the return to Eden, the simplicity and spirituality of a life reconnected with the Garden.